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Squirting major success
with MiO.
When Kraft Canada came to us looking to launch MiO, a first-of-its-kind concentrated liquid water enhancer, we knew we had a huge challenge on our hands — to make our young and highly sought-after target care enough about MiO to put down their bottles of Pepsi, Vitamin Water, and Nestea, and try MiO instead.

Our 30-second launch spot, “Changes,” used more than 100 visual changes to dramatize MiO’s role as an agent of change. The spot took off almost immediately, with the original YouTube posting surpassing 2,000,000 views. It was shared, mimicked, quoted, and loved by our target.
Along with additional YouTube content, digital media, pre-roll, and subsequent TV spots, the overall objectives of this national campaign were to meet the client’s aggressive sales target, grow the Canadian beverage mix category, and quickly build brand equity for MiO.

The results: Within the first year, MiO’s sales massively outpaced Kraft’s objectives. The brand ended the year with sales 350% greater than Kraft’s original forecast, and all eight MiO SKUs were in the top 10 of the entire category, with sales velocity doubling the category average. 

Not bad for a brand that was essentially built from the ground up, overnight. 

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